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Our Story

We're two guys who work from home. 

That means we've been doing Zoom calls in our underwear for years.

When 2020's craziness struck, everybody else discovered the freedom of the pants-free life, too.

But if you have kids, roommates, a spouse, or a partner, they might not relish seeing you at the kitchen table — coat-and-tie on top, stained white tighties down below.

Don't ask us how we know.

So we put our heads together and came up with an idea — classic boxer shorts in a comfortable fabric blend with pockets on the sides.

We've worn ours to work out, take out the garbage, greet the UPS driver, and make a quick run through the drive through. We've also pulled on britches and turned these into legit underpants.

On the first wear, Arjun declared his pair to be "some dang comfortable boxers." 

We knew we couldn't keep this creation to ourselves.

You deserved a life of modest freedom, too.

So we opened Buford Lee Boxers — named after Holland's grandfather, also an entrepreneur and a classic boxer short man.

1 small problem. 2 guys at home. 3 classic colors. 4 pairs for $50.

Basic math. Basic boxers. Basically awesome.

Arjun Krishna Lal & Holland Webb


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