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by Holland Webb April 05, 2021 2 min read

Guys have been wearing underwear forabout 7,000 years. Your great-grandfather a hundred times removed strapped on a loincloth made from an animal pelt and ran down an antelope for your great-grandmother a hundred times removed to roast over the flames.

From those days to these, many things have changed. As a modern man, you're more likely to use a computer than a rock for your daily living, for example. But some things haven't changed at all. Basic human anatomy, for instance, remains much the same.

And one rule hasn't changed:

Some things should stay covered. Others need more breathing room.

When it comes to underwear, 21st century guys have four basic choices — briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, and boxers.

Which one you wear is entirely a matter of personal preference. Your own and your partner's personal preference, that is. Some guys love a snug fit. Others want more freedom. Some men like it modest. Others go bolder.

Let's look at 5 reasons boxers are the best underwear for modern men:

  • Boxers reduce friction. No man wants to unexpectedly feel the cold metal zigzag that is the backside of his zipper. Neither does he want coarse denim rubbing against him at any time. A layer of soft fabric between yourself and your jeans can go a long way toward keeping you comfortable. 
  • Boxers provide ventilation. Other types of underwear may offer more support — which is cool if you are playing baseball or badminton, but otherwise… why?  — but boxers keep the air circulating down there. When the weather turns hot and the body cooling system switches on, boxers can help keep guys from getting a tropical swamp in their drawers.  
  • Boxers help keep your swimmers healthy. Briefs hold your sac closer to your body, raising its temperature and cooking the little guys within. Or at least, that's how the story goes. Does tight underwear really reduce sperm count? Or is that idea an old wives' tale? The truth is: Guys who wear boxers sport more sperm — 25% more according to aHarvard study. Other research shows that for men who experience fertility problems, switching from boxers to briefs might make the difference they need.
  • Boxers give the freedom of going commando without the ick factor. Freeballing it feels good. Shedding your underwear altogether keeps things cooler, breezier, and less restrictive. But it's gross. Boxers offer many of the same benefits as going commando does while protecting your pants or jeans from unsightly dribbles and marks. They also allow you to relax at home without frightening the family or your friends.
  • Boxers look sexy. You can't wander the house in any other kind of underwear without someone telling you to put on clothes. But boxers — those get a pass. And when you pad about your castle in your shorts, you can show off your best side without offending anyone.

  • Whatever kind of underwear you choose — boxers, briefs, trunks, or a hybrid — it beats wearing a pelt around your parts to hunt in. At least, we think so.

    Holland Webb
    Holland Webb

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