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by Holland Webb April 03, 2021 2 min read

Business on top, pandemic party at the bottom’, that’s the outfit trend in post-COVID times. When work from home and Zoom calls are the order of the day, blending comfort with style becomes important.

 After all, you can’t look like you just rolled out of bed, even if you did! Office spaces generally call for a dress code, but working from home changes the game entirely. 

Working from home presents its own set of challenges. However, you can’t show up for video meetings in those worn-out pajamas and tank tops you’ve owned for half a decade. Owning actual work-from-home outfits will help you stay motivated, productive, useful, and disciplined.

 And here’s good news: WFH clothing doesn’t mean you have to wear stiff formal shirts all the time. It means being focused, presentable, and comfortable. It’s arguably more about how you present yourself than what you’re wearing, which opens the door to a range of clothing options. 

 In this piece we’ll help you strike the balance and pick out clothing that offers comfort and style, all in one! 

Let’s take a look at some advice for your work-from-home wardrobe: 

  1. Sweatshirts: These might not be the first thing you have in mind for your work wardrobe. However, sweatshirts with a smart crew cut neckline and tapered sleeves can help you feel productive and ready, especially compared to a baggy hoodie. It isn’t a big change, but it can feel significant when you’re actually sitting down to work. The best part is that you can pair sweatshirts with denims, pajamas, shorts or joggers, right about anything! 
  2. Sweatpants: This wardrobe essential isn’t just for workouts anymore. Sweatpants come in various styles, from the tapered ones to the straight fits — all designed for maximum comfort. When you’re working a 9-5 from home, comfort and fit can have a tangible impact on your productivity. Choose your style and color and help yourself stay motivated at work, all week long. 
  3. Cardigans: Winter is here and it’s the right time to bring those cardigans out! The classic button down look will never go out of style. Plus, cardigans are refined enough to wear during work calls. 
  4. Boxer Shorts and T-shirts: For days when you don’t need to get on video call, this casual getup can minimize effort and enhance comfort. 
  5. Slip Ons: Whether you’re wearing socks or not, slip-ons are comfortable, warm footwear for when you’re at your desk. 

You can pick and choose from options above: the combinations are endless! Make sure to have a few, well-fitted pieces of each in your wardrobe and you won’t have to worry about your work outfit at all. 

Productivity and comfort are the biggest priorities when it comes to work-from-home clothing. A part of the joy of working from home is the freedom to dress how you like, especially if you don’t have a client-facing role. Your comfort is the priority!

Holland Webb
Holland Webb

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