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by Holland Webb June 22, 2021 3 min read

The world has been grappling with COVID-19 for more than a year! 

The recent relaxations by governments to get the economy reworking, offices and school re-opening, malls and restaurants being serviceable again, has however got us speculating about our life post pandemic. 

Last year, many workplaces went remote, which turned out to be a challenge to workers used to office life. Even with the chaos of a home office, some things have become clear. For one, in-person offices are a lot more optional than they used to be. 

Covid-19 has highlighted the challenges in our system but it has also shown us a glimpse into the future of the workplace after the pandemic.

  • Work from home is no longer a myth! Finally!
  • Do you remember the complaints about not being able to work from home from friends and relatives? Well, the genie is out of the bottle now and it’s not likely to go back in. Though the situations in which the work from home was imposed were not ideal, life rarely achieves ideal standards. Today, you are more prepared for dealing with all kinds of problems that arise while you work from home — from that sketchy internet to that VPN connection that keeps crashing, you have figured out how to fix these problems. 

  • Achievement Unlocked!
  • Your manager trusts you more — or you trust your subordinates more — to deliver work from home. Everyone has to single mindedly focus on showcasing good work because that is the only thing that matters. Isn’t the scenario just perfect? Better work, better results. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

    1. You have reached the office before time! (EVERY SINGLE DAY)

    You are saving that commute time, and you can spend it on yourself or your family. While working from home, you reach the office feeling fresh and energized. When you leave, you can get right to the car line at school, start dinner in the kitchen, or meet your partner for an evening out. 

  • Do you really need that office building?
  • Many business owners are thinking whether they really need to pay for that swanky office, cars for management, and other logistics. In many cases, those costs are proving unnecessary, and they make a dent in your pocket without much return. Digital transformation and the availability of so many tools and services have made efficient work from home a reality.

  • It’s sustainable, environment friendly, and good for your mental health!
  • If you have been able to create a productive work environment for yourself at home, you understand how and why it is so important that the trend continues. COVID-19 has done one good thing: it has reduced carbon emissions across the world. The trees and the seas came back to life. The sky cleared up, and we can now see more of nature than ever because of reduced pollution. Part of that reduction comes from limited commutes.

    COVID-19 has caused us to change how we look at our work life. It has made us realize that work is a part of our life and not life itself. It has made us see the importance of time, value it more, and make the most of it. 

    And if you still are looking for an answer to whether or not you should return to your office, weigh the need for physical proximity against the benefits of the WFH lifestyle. If you have the option of getting all the work done from the comfort of your home workstation (not Playstation!) take it. 

    The pants-free lifestyle is worth it!

    Let us know what’s your take on the work scenario post Covid-19, in the comments below! 

    Holland Webb
    Holland Webb

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