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by Holland Webb April 03, 2021 2 min read

How Do You Create The World's Most Comfortable Boxers! (Like We Did)

Alright men, gather around. It’s time for some real talk about the world’s most comfortable boxers! 

Getting your hands on the perfect pairs of boxers, briefs, or trunks can be the outfit equivalent of Mission Impossible. 

Sometimes the fabric isn’t right, sometimes it’s the cut, and sometimes everything works except for the price point. The worst thing is spending money on a pair of boxers, only to find they sag, bind, or ride up. Want this struggle to end?

Don’t worry, you are not the only one! Buford Lee was founded by two guys who had this exact problem. And we decided to fix it by creating what are seriously the most comfortable boxers in the world. In this piece, we’ll walk you through the steps we took and the learning process. 

  1. Fabric: Choosing the right fabric is crucial to your comfort. The boxer fabric is what comes in touch with your most sensitive areas. We’ve all been there: the wrong boxer fabric can itch, it can cut into your thighs, or get soggy after a workout. We experimented with all kinds of fabric combinations before deciding on our unique cotton-spandex blend. It’s pillow-soft with just the right amount of stretch. 
  2. Size: Size doesn’t matter. Well, who’re we kidding, of course it does! We offer Buford Lee boxers in multiple sizes to make sure every man can have the perfect pair. 
  3. Cut: There are boxer shorts,  and then there are boxer shorts. The cut matters almost as much as the fabric. Our boxers are stitched with a well-balanced fit in mind. They’re tight enough to offer support without cutting off blood flow. 
  4. Color: We like to keep things basic and upfront at Buford Lee. We offer three classic colors: black, navy, and mint. Everything else? Lipstick. Pig.

Wherever you live, whatever you do, you deserve a comfortable pair of boxers  to keep you going all day, everyday. Grab yourself a pair (or 10) of Buford Lee’s and you’ll be good to go.

Holland Webb
Holland Webb

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